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As I Read.

Boring boring boring – Gosh they do not make Buffy’s dreams like they used to.

Boring boring boring- huh, a Willow issue. And what’s ups with Buffy’s hair?

Boring boring boring – oh hello first Slayer, for the first time in years I’m able to recognize a character in the comics at once.

Whoa I might be bored because for the first time I actually notice Buffy’s impossible and huge boobs.

Ehh- Fairy

More boring stuff, WiIllow leaves. Boohoo

Oh pregnancy test, poor Buffy, sucks to be her.

And Tumble, not cool!  I had high hopes for you, I hope you come through in the end.

Is that all? Where the hell was Spike?

And Eeeek just the fact that we don’t know who the father is makes us list freaking Riley as a candidate and eww, brain, stop wasting your time thinking about Riley :P

That was it. I can say that lunch any given day excites me more than this.

ION Castle was so pretty and shippy on Monday J !!

And I read The Hunger Games, and now I’m obsessing about it. Heh, I’d ordered the trilogy on amazon in November and sent it to my mom’s house. Sadly she was so packed trying to impersonate Santa in December that she couldn’t bring books 2 and 3 so I’ll have to wait til freaking March to read catching fire.

Date: 2012-01-14 12:25 pm (UTC)
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March! How are you going to manage it?? I read all 3 books in a matter of days. Once I started I couldn't stop. :)

As for the Buffy comics - well, the less said about them the better. They're not even worth getting upset about any more. And you're right - they're so very boring!


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