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ETA: Now with 3 silly pics.
Easy! focus on Spike. )
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Ok so part of celebrating Her Birthday means putting all that crap comic thing behind me. In order to do that I wont read the issue until I have read all the reviews I'm predisposed to like, so I will make use of my friends filter, the one that excludes people who have made their positive feeling towards the comics known.

This means I'm probably going to go over [ profile] elisi 's  post of awesome like a hundred times.


Also, does anyone have Spike#4 ? link-y please?


Oct. 14th, 2010 09:33 am
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So, there's a geek convention in Bogotá from Thursday to Sunday and to my utter astonishment there seems to be a Buffy fan Club here. And they're organizing a Buffy thing on Friday.

Since I'm the only Colombian I know In my corner of Spuffy fandom then I'm pretty sure these people either know absolutely nothing about fanfic or they're Bangels. Bummer.

Still it might be nice to go and see if I am in fact not alone. Plus, there's a whole more of geeky things to enjoy :) like the fact that Sony is presenting their Move Bundle for PS3 !!!!!

Oh! and in Vampire Diaries related news I was planning to throw out my Teen/seventeen/Teen People magazines from Once upon a time and I found one with the cast of Friends on the cover. I was checking it and in the fashion part there he was, 2002!Ian Somerhalder all young an pretty :)

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Disclaimer: mature me has not read the issue, she has however seen this pic: which was used by [ profile] coalitiongirl  to tempt her.

This poems comprehends the moments before, during and after the picture viewing. THIS is Pure wankery and it rhymes in my head which doesn't mean it has to rhyme in yours too.

Once there was a pic,
of badly written fic,
but they told me it was canon
and they told me it was so fluffy
that it couldn’t not be Spuffy.

True, I thought it was obscene
How the Bangel caused a scene
And ridiculous at best
When they fucked in outer space
I still could laugh at the mess.

Spoilers for #37 I guess )

Pimp Time!!

Sep. 6th, 2010 08:48 pm
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So i mused up [ profile] lusciousxander  and she wrote Xander and Spike  post #36 fic, fic only she could write cause of her love for both our boys but with the understanding of why our Spuffy hearts might be hurting and did I mention, a very Nice Xander?.  So go read and comment :)   Missing scene: Lost hero

Bad Habits

Sep. 2nd, 2010 08:43 pm
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So just to atually use DW I proceed to post that little drabble I wrote for [ profile] sb_fag_ends 

She finds him smoking on her porch, she hates the smell. Last time she saw him doing it he was with Faith, she should have said something then but there was the dead girl and a smirking Faith and it would have sounded like an excuse for misplaced jealousy even if nothing relating to Faith and Spike and cigarettes would ever pass as innocent.Smoking won't kill him anyway.

Now she wants to bum a cigarette as a sign of peace, 'cause he's not smiling and looking at him she feels that the smell of nicotine on her skin would never be as bad on her as Eau de Angel is. She sits by him, he breaths out smoke and says 'we all have our filthy habits, love'. And she knows she's forgiven, or at least put on hold, 'cause the world is ending and he's out of fight and like the bad habit she is, he'll always come back for more.

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... I'm going to be clear about some of the things that I like and don't like about the comics, its a work in progress and subject to changes as I go along but in general this is the list.

Things that don’t bother me and that I’ve enjoyed of the S8 Comics:

-    Dawn’s plot with.  Don’t care if she was a giant, a centaur or a doll. Don’t care if it’s ridiculous not making a big effort to turn her back. It just doesn’t bother me and many times it even amuses me.
-     Buffy/Satsu.  Not only did It not bother me, but I loved It on account of being a refreshing relationship for Buffy.  And Satsu’s pretty cool.
-     Vampires’ new found popularity and Harmony. Unless Harmony winds up dead, then I’d be pissed. Seriously, people are stupid; give them a good amount of publicity and propaganda and they’ll believe anything. Most plausible scenario ever conceived in the comics.
-    Xander. He’s been awesome in the comics, the kind of which I never got in the show.
-    Some slayers going evil. Power corrupts, deal with it.
-     Xander/ Dawn. So far their interactions have been the most fun. And hey! if other things develop who can blame them?
-    Buffy robbing banks. Mmm doesn’t bother me as much as it should probably because I trust Buffy enough to know she wouldn’t hurt any innocent bystanders to get the money. As far as criminal acts go, robbing banks is pretty mild. Drug trafficking, people  trafficking, extortion, and killing seem worse somehow. O.o
-    Buffy/Andrew bonding time. Of course the flipside is the Spike thing. Shippers will be shippers.
-     Faith and Giles’s arch.
-     Oz
-     I love the cover artwork of every single issue.
-    Dialog.

 Things that bother me, in other of importance:

-    The fact that for a while there they fucked up Buffy and Faith strained relationship even more. I have serious love for Buffy/Faith friendship.
-    Riley. I don’t like Riley on principle, I can do without his face anytime but I’m also not convinced he’d be the type to actively hunt Buffy down. And if he is some sort of mole the slayers have working for them I’d be even more pissed cause the last thing I want is for Riley to end up like a freaking hero. Lose-lose situation for cardboard.
-    The mere thought of Xander/Buffy . As far as I know (haven’t read the latest issue but I’m a bit spoiled) it won’t happen, but the idea… and the idea of the idea being in Buffy’s head. *shudders*
-    Warren and Amy.
-     Twilight talks too much.
-    Not knowing if Buffy knows anything about Spike or what went down in LA. Shippers will be shippers.*shurgs*
-    Slayers trying to suppress their power. Wrong, just wrong.
-    Willow. Gahhh I’ve enjoyed Kennedy for Christ´s sake . Willow just stopped being an interesting character.
-    Drawings of characters in general. There are exceptions at time but ….

ION I re-watched Angel S1. I'm not going to talk about the show, because I need to clear my thoughts. Well I kinda have a new found love for Angel. But I won't go into that.
I will say this about Buffy though, all through her entire show, I've loved her, I just don't have it in me to hate her no matter how much she hurts Spike, or how annoying she got in S7, or how she over protects Dawn sometimes.Sure,  I've been pissed at her, specially in Entropy. And I loved her. she kicks ass and she's pretty awesome. A hell of a woman some might say. But those 2 times she crossed over to  AtS??   I hate her, I hate how much she turns into the type of girly girl I can't stand every time she looks at Angel. I hate the hurt looks she throws I hate that she lets Angel say things to her that out of line. Grrrr I just can't stand her, I wanna slap her and tell her she's a ridiculous idiot.

Bangel crossovers suck in any way shape or form.


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