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.. and a lot of them sing.

10. Sally Owen, Gillian Owens, Aunt Frances and Aunt Bridget.


The witch Family combo from Practical Magic, the ultimate witch romantic comedy. They sing You were always on My Mind, they get drunk and they kill the guy who plays Kovach in ER and they put a stop to the family curse. Fun for a Sunday afternoon.

9.La bruja del 71.


Many of you might not be familiar with “El Chavo del Ocho” One of the longest lasting shows of all times. Forget about Mayas and Aztecs, El Chavo is Mexico’s finest cultural legacy, at least for all of Latin America. We all grew up watching it, we all know the characters by heart and we all know that the woman who lives in number 71 is a witch just as much as the kids who live in the neighborhood are sure of it.

8. The Witch aka Jenny from Big fish.


Helena Bonham Carter should always be in a top ten list specially when she has crazy hair.Heh. And that Witch character is so out of the time line and space continuum but still so important to Ed Bloom’s journey in Big Bish she deserves a spot here. Special mention for Mrs. Burton? She’s also Bellatrix LeStrange the most awesome Harry Potter villain evah. Forget Voldemort, it's all about Bellatrix. Too bad we haven’t seen a lot from her in the movies.

7. Minerva McGonagall


I was going with the whole cast of Harry Potter here because I too suffer from Pottermania but the good character that kicks more ass? Miss McGonagall. She has to put up with everyone, She can become a cat and She’s played by Maggie Smith in the movies, also she seems like the only sensible character there in the whole series. She also has the best delivery of the phrase “Mr. Potter…”. I had to choose you know? I kinda also love Mrs Weasley and Tonks and Dumbledore and Snape and the list goes on.

6 The Craft: Nancy Downs


Okay I was 12, this movie creeped me out and fascinated me. I wanted to be a witch I wanted to make people float with mi fingers and I loved it when Fairuza Balk as Nancy Downs went crazy with power. It was awesome, there were snakes and Thunder. And she almost got her "Friend" raped. If that's not a witch...

5.The Halliwell sisters


And the power of 3 brought on to show the world that witches can be sexy and kick ass.Yes Charmed was like a telenovela, full of romantic drama, often made with little sense and can be accused of being lame but it was always fun. And they vanquished every monster in the book. Why do I love Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Prue? Their powers were awesome; freezing time, moving objects knowing the future and orbit things and people was just cool. And the whole we love our sisterhood vibe.



You’re thinking Whoa! Willow’s not your top 1 WTF????. Willow can raise the dead, and almost end the world and make a Slayer army you BtVS traitor!

yes, she can also float pencils, face up to a Goddess, skin assholes bake cookies, ensoul vampires and she can dance while Tara sings songs about spells that are metaphors for wholesome lesbian sex.That’s why she’s here, but I love Willow more for being Willow than for being a witch. So she won’t make the top 3.

3.Sabrina the Teenage Witch.


Ah, Nickelodeon Brought us Sabrina when Melissa Joan Heart was too old to play Clarissa and I loved it. It wasn’t just her, it was her aunts, Salem the cat, Hervey, the funnies, the with clichés. Admit it, we all loved it when her powers got her in trouble.

2.The Sanderson sisters.


Best Bette Midler’s Character of all times? Winifred Sanderson. Best song from a Witch movie in the 90’s? I Put a Spell on you. Best Witch Walk! Best use of Salem! Best use of a spell for a movie title! They don’t make good Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus now a days, now it’s all “Xs mark the spot”and ”Do you want to play a game?” and you want to tear off your eyeballs by the end of those evil movies.

1.Elphaba and Glinda.


Dude, I went to see Wicked in NY this year. I’m completely in love with these two. Perfectly opposite people who start out hating each other but end up being best friends and showing they can make mistakes, change, forgive love and most of all, sing.


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