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 or the joys of living in a big city full of crappy people. 

I'm okay though, they pulled a knife on me but they only wanted my cel phone, thank god! they didn't even look at my purse. 

Mostly I'm angry and I'm pretty tired today. i'ts been a long week and this sucks, not because of the phone, I'm just tired of everything in this city lately, the traffic, the weather, the stupid thieves, the politicians. meh, 

what's funny NOT ,is that the last time they stole my cel, they were pretty sneaky, I didn't even realized when it happened and and they left me in tears. Today, they actually attacked me but  I was just really really mad. but still in one piece so I guess that's something.

It's a sad world when you live in a place where you can consider yourself lucky if the robber just pulls a knife and doesn't actually shoot. people have died because or their damned Blackberries

Then again thieves like that will never have as good a life as I already do, and he'll probably end up painfully dead sooner than later.

In Related News, there's a German guy from work who came to Train me on translation software and he brought me a huge bottle of wine which i thankfully letf at the office, because I'm pretty sure I would have dropped it with my scare today.  Oh and another thing to be thankful for, is that I had my iPod on one boob and the cel on the other and the guy didn't notice the iPod. XD


Date: 2011-10-08 01:41 am (UTC)
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That's horrible! I'm glad you didn't get physically hurt in the process.


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