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ETA: Now with 3 silly pics.

So I Read BtVS S9x01 mostly because I’ve been Spuffy curious.

Let’s preface this with: Spuffy is the only part of fandom that still interests me. Barely. And I know fic is the only medium that will address that particular interest so I won’t comment on it or take this seriously and neither should you. I have cognitive dissonance when it comes to Comic!Buffy , to read S9 I cannot acknowledge most of S8 (except for Spike and the Bugs, and well, I’ll deal with dawn/Xander), Angel, and Buffy stupidly blaming herself for the lack of magic in the world. So I’ll mostly ignore her.
Gladly Faith and Angel have their own series so I’m left with great love for Comic!Spike (mainly because of Lynch’s last series and the BUGS! And Beck and Betta George), and a general lack of interest in everything else. You will notice that the only parts that really spoke to me included Spike in some fashion. 

So, with expectations as low as mine, I kinda liked the issue. I already like Buffy’s roommates, the voices are ok in general and I think I recognized most of Jeanty’s characters on sight. Okay, I really Liked Buffy’s roommate Tumble, I think I liked everything he said. Willow didn’t bother me as much as she did during S8 so I guess a magic-less world suits her… and she seems to have learnt a lot from her Friend Barney Stinson ;) Oh and she and Spike were telling stories all Buddy-like.
I liked Dawn being all normal, I kinda wonder what that Xander & Buffy scene was about, but it’s nothing that will drive me crazy and Spike and Tumble are gonna be in a band together, I’ve always wanted someone to suggest starting band with Spike, so there, that’s why I like Tumble :P

I enjoyed that scene with Buffy’s roommates after the party telling her that the Scoobies were cool, it’ll be good for Buffy having people who don’t judge every single thing and don’t act like everything is a mini-drama.

Oh and I like Spike adding Ys to the end of his sentences, I like him when he annoys others, plus quiet patrol night… it was nice. :)

All in all, it seems thata Joss is warming up to writing a sit-com some day, this little happy set-up however will end up in death and misery as usual. But at least it has many gaps that can be be filled with Spuffy fic, which I encourage.

And that’s it folks, don’t care about the bad guys yet, can fanwank Simone having an accident in her way to san Francisco oh and WHY MUST PEOPLE INSIST ON INCLUDING RILEY IN EVERYTHING??? WASTE OF INK, WASTE OF PERFECTLY GOOD COMIC SPACE (btw, My brain totally tricked me into writing waste of Spike right there hehehe) AND AGAIN BECAUSE IT BEARS REPEATING, WHY IS HE STILL HERE?!!!!

Any way when I get emotionally involved in this again please:




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