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2012-04-18 09:53 pm
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A weird observation...

if I ever made one but, If I were to choose an Adele song for Bangel it would be Set Fire to the Rain.. it's very Buffy POV Mid season 3 nay?

Or, I still listen to Adele way too much. The hype should have passed by now and yet...
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2012-04-17 09:50 pm

Give me some Spike appretiation


Show me characters that obviously care about him and don't just hint a it and maybe just maybe I'll buy your stupid comics

Or you know, make me want to get actual Hard Copies of IDW's Spike comics )

I  much rather this version. What with the actual words and HUGS!! people Spike!Hugs.. even Willow freaking hugs him in this story. LOVE

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2012-04-14 08:33 pm

Criminal Minds or why these ladies rock


Can I just word vomit how much I looooved JJ and Prentiss on Wednesday's Criminal Minds ?? They were the shit!.. Oh  I was very sorry about Morgan and all But for the Love of the Girls!! they rocked! Even Penelope who had very little but very high Quality screen time! 

So I'll spam with caps: )
So yes, that was some satisfying TV

ION my Lj Displa is still in Russian.. this sucks.
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2012-03-25 03:05 pm
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You know what's icky?

"Spuffy" fic that is all about Spike/Joyce.

Seriously, I get that they want Joyce pushing Buffy to be nicer to Spike (well sometimes, it's not a trope I actually Luuuurve) but no sane mother would act the way some "Joyce" acts sometimes in these stories.
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2012-03-14 10:42 pm

So the latest issue of the comics huh?

Except for the European outlets this was a lackluster.

I have a real important question, why do zompires keep saying grrr grrr grrr ? seriously, it annoys me and it serves no purpose.

As for the Spuffy... Read more... )
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2012-03-08 07:06 am


 So, work is incredibly stupid when it gets between you and your reading of Catching Fire!

Freakinng heck! its like that book has glue on the cover and you can't put it down until you wake up the next morning,  and realize that falling asleep on it is the only way of letting it go. 

And of course I'm  here half falling asleep again and all I want to do is pick it up and finishing it, but stooopid work won't let me.

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2012-02-24 08:17 pm
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I was trying to make Spuffy babies

In one of those online pages where you upload your pictures and it should tell you how they would look...

THERE are NO words...  )

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2012-02-14 08:49 pm
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(no subject)

I was wondering the articles about Joss, Buffy and the abortion thing and this was the most lucid of comments:

"Anti-abortion Americans are fucking mental"

Agreed.Though I have to add All Americans, from Argentina to the crazies that I'm sure exist in Canada. There seems to be reasons to hope in Brazil though.
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2012-02-08 09:42 pm
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S9 06

So, I'm actually surprised, Dark Horse didn't actually crap all over the issue. I... Liked it?

huh. Funny feeling. I should be concerned.

And I now can recognize the characters on sight!

Also, I like it when Spike makes friends, have I mentioned that? <3
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2012-01-16 04:42 pm
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(no subject)

I would waste so less time at work if they freaking gave me access to LJ. As it is, I sneak around with my iPod all day long, a simple 20 words reply takes me like century to write the wifi is slow and annoying and autocorrect is killing me. Also my back hurts.

ION my mom is going back home tomorrow and I'm all nostalgic and crap.
I also had a funny situation at work in which I think I called the girl who would have been my boss crazy for thinking I would translate some text in a day just cause she asked me nicely and assured me I'd be paid as an external translator. Pff, as if I can speak Spanish decently after 7 hour of translation, let alone write in anything resembling English when I should be sleeping. Oh wow. Apparently I was annoyed.
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2012-01-13 10:25 am
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My actual reaction to Buffy S9 05

As I Read.

Read more... )
ION Castle was so pretty and shippy on Monday J !!

And I read The Hunger Games, and now I’m obsessing about it. Heh, I’d ordered the trilogy on amazon in November and sent it to my mom’s house. Sadly she was so packed trying to impersonate Santa in December that she couldn’t bring books 2 and 3 so I’ll have to wait til freaking March to read catching fire.

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2011-10-28 07:58 pm
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(no subject)


Choc Quib Town!

These guys are one of the few things that make me not completely hate this country.
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2011-10-26 09:50 pm

(no subject)


I have Dreamwith invite codes if anyone is interested.
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2011-10-06 08:17 pm

They robbed me today...

 or the joys of living in a big city full of crappy people. 

I'm okay though, they pulled a knife on me but they only wanted my cel phone, thank god! they didn't even look at my purse. 

Mostly I'm angry and I'm pretty tired today. i'ts been a long week and this sucks, not because of the phone, I'm just tired of everything in this city lately, the traffic, the weather, the stupid thieves, the politicians. meh, 

what's funny NOT ,is that the last time they stole my cel, they were pretty sneaky, I didn't even realized when it happened and and they left me in tears. Today, they actually attacked me but  I was just really really mad. but still in one piece so I guess that's something.

It's a sad world when you live in a place where you can consider yourself lucky if the robber just pulls a knife and doesn't actually shoot. people have died because or their damned Blackberries

Then again thieves like that will never have as good a life as I already do, and he'll probably end up painfully dead sooner than later.

In Related News, there's a German guy from work who came to Train me on translation software and he brought me a huge bottle of wine which i thankfully letf at the office, because I'm pretty sure I would have dropped it with my scare today.  Oh and another thing to be thankful for, is that I had my iPod on one boob and the cel on the other and the guy didn't notice the iPod. XD


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2011-09-15 06:16 pm
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2011-07-29 07:03 am
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Life/Fandom Update

 I'm still Lurking! it was sad to have an intermittent LJ for the last few days sine I'm secretly reading past fics  and loving them once more. 

And I finally got my ass to movies and watched Harry Potter and yes loved it as much as I loved re reading the 7th book a few weeks  back. I like this return to Pottermania I hadn't felt since 2009, and Tumblr helps feeding it,. XD

I also started watching Torchwood : Miracle Day  on Monday which is interesting so far but to be honest I haven't paid much attention to it because I've been way too busy this week.

What else is new? well, I've been swimming and that takes a lot of the little time I had to myself out of the office and  well I've been feeling pretty good because of it so I'm still going to lurk rather than post a lot, but I thought I should let you know why I'm so absent I'm not even bitchin' about S8/S9. 

ETA: Oh I?m also going to embed this video here, to keep it all within reach.

NO ME AMA (SHE DOESN'T LOVE ME) from santiago capulos on Vimeo.

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2011-04-06 06:53 am

(no subject)


pfftt LJ, what LJ?? is down, That's the  tragedy that has me on the verge of insanity. ON the verge! 
but before it went down I downloaded the latest Harry Potter, which I never saw because I'm a Bad fan, Bad. 

ION, I'm tired, sleepy and have 9 hours of work ahead of me. Oh joy. And today we do Business content which makes me feel dead inside, but I'll try not to show it.
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2011-01-19 06:36 pm
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Moar BuffyBirthday refections.

Ok so part of celebrating Her Birthday means putting all that crap comic thing behind me. In order to do that I wont read the issue until I have read all the reviews I'm predisposed to like, so I will make use of my friends filter, the one that excludes people who have made their positive feeling towards the comics known.

This means I'm probably going to go over [ profile] elisi 's  post of awesome like a hundred times.


Also, does anyone have Spike#4 ? link-y please?

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2010-12-20 06:40 pm


In 2011, fangfaceandrea resolves to...
Connect with my inner spike.
Get back in contact with some old james marsters.
Spend more time with my gilmore girls.
Buy new computers.
Overcome my secret fear of movies.
Volunteer to spend time with heroes.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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2010-12-01 07:14 am
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I'm having fun with Tumblr lately. But my post yesterday made me realize that there are people out there who've never seen the dailies from BtVS season 6. I shall help them find the nakedness andfun James/Sarah times, with the growling and the Sarah telling the social services lady all about morning spuffy fucking. :)

Of course I now have to find my missing dailies. *sigh*